A Happy Wedding

I spent Saturday afternoon at my friend’s wedding. The bride and groom both looked amazing and very happy, and the speeches were really good. The ceremony was conducted by a close personal friend of the groom, which was also a nice tough. The sun was out, and the light poured through the canopy of trees casting circles of light on the grass. A perfect day for the happy couple.

Hotline Miami

Decided to cool it on the hardcore multiplayer games tonight and dive into my recent Steam purchases. I’d picked up Hotline Miami a while back on the strength of its excellent reviews, but never really given it much of a go. Today I went in hard and played a good couple of hours. I haven’t had so much fun with a game in ages – the WASD / Mouse Aiming combo actually works really well once you’ve figured out mouse locking, and the level of detail is amazing especially for a pixel art game. It’s extremely violent, but that suits the twisted story and dialogue extremely well. Felt like a teenager again!

Down at the car wash…. yeah!

Today it was a nice sunny Saturday so I got the buckets out and washed the car, my little daughter helping out. We had a great time, both got utterly soaking wet, and by way of a miracle the car actually looked pretty good by the time we’d finished. I hadn’t washed a car since I was a teenager, and that memory was one of disaster. But today was good! The sun was blazing down, I climbed up onto the wheels to do the roof and something about the manual labour just felt nice. My daughter had a good time too I think. She was very proud of her work on the doors :)

Dignitary on the bus

My commute has me taking the bus home and today I sat behind a well-known local Councillor. I knew it was him because he was carrying a some kind of award with his name on. Also he had a box of his stuff. Maybe it was his last day? Anyway it was a positive experience because I kept thinking of how he’d probably worked very hard for his community to get to that position, and likely was very proud of all he’d achieved. Gave him a smile as he got off the bus, he probably thought I was some kind of mentalist :)


On Saturday we missed our usual swimming lesson so I took my daughter to a different pool for some unstructured messing about in the water. She had a great time, we played with all the built in gadgets + toys for kids, and the whole way home she kept talking about how much fun she had at the pool :)

A hard workout

This morning I woke up at 6am, having got in bed and started sleeping at 10pm the night before. I had a stim-free preworkout and hit the weights hard (shoulders) working out new 1 rep maxes and even throwing in the calf raises that I didn’t have time for yesterday. The positive feeling I had came when I was walking out of the garage and back to the house. I felt really strong, like my legs had somehow got more solid, and the sun came out. It didn’t last long, but it felt good.

Plaudits from work people!

Today’s happy 2 minute memory is about work. I’m leaving my current role, and today several people that I work with told me that I’d been “amazing” and that “good IT people” like me are hard to find. I was surprised and happy, though it’s a little awkward to have people openly singing my praises, overall I’d far rather that than people telling me how shit I am. I feel sad to be leaving this place, even it’s unquestionably the right decision for me, I will miss them a lot.

The Slight Edge

I’ve been reading a brilliant book called the Slight Edge that aims to teach a method of making the correct decisions in life that will lead to outrageous success and happiness. One of the ideas recommended is to journal daily for two minutes on a positive experience that happened within the last 24 hours. Here goes…

Yesterday afternoon we were trying to decide how to amuse the children, and I decided to make a decision and stick with it. I decided we would drive to our local farm shop. So we went along there, it was very sunny, the kids had a great time in the play area out back and they were both fascinated by the live chickens that wandered over to the edge of the chicken coop to say hello to us. After that we went to look at a young horse which again they really liked, and having picked up a few bits I drove us all home.

So that’s a positive memory from the past 24 hours. Feels a bit silly writing it out like that but supposedly it makes you re-live the experience and generally feel happier. I think I feel happy, not sure :)

Day 2: Shine Your Shoes

Well, I bought some cheap brushes, a pot of Kiwi black shoe polish, and followed the instructions of today’s challenge. I hadn’t realised quite how bad my shoes had got, especially since I started walking to work. I actually got married in these shoes so I should really take better care of them!

Here’s some pictures;

30 Days To A Better Man: Day 1

I first stumbled across The Art Of Manliness a few weeks ago and knew already that I had made an important discovery, and one that would take time to prepare for and absorb properly. Running the 30 day challenge is no small task – it forces you outside of your comfort zone and exposes previously unknown vulnerabilities.

That said, at this stage in my life I realise it’s time to take control of myself, to eradicate bad habits, and collect and reinforce good ones. So this is me, starting Day 1.

*deep breath*

Today’s task is Define Your Core Values. I was worried at first, thinking it might take me ages and I would end up just copying what was written there in the blog post, adopting someone else’s values as ‘good enough’. I was surprised to discover that actually I had a very clear set of core values that emerged immediately. The exercise took me all of about ten minutes.

Here they are:

Financial Security

Each of these values represent a core bullet point that to me, explode outwards into a myriad of different hopes and desires. I won’t expand them out here because they are deeply personal to me, but having this list on display on my little website will serve as a constant reminder as I move through the next 29 days of challenges.